At Nouveau Ceramics dental Laboratory we guarantee the finest quality implants for the best results every time. Our implantology department uses a highly effective blend of expertise, experience and the latest technology to deliver amazing results. We review the technology and equipment we use on a constant basis to ensure that we offer clients the finest quality products and the latest treatments and dental appliances on the market. We are proud to be at the forefront of the dental industry and are always eager to embrace new innovations.
We use the following dental implants systems:
Nobel BioCare ,Nobel All-on-4, Astra, Ankylos, Nobel Guide, Straumann, Neoss, Biomet 3i, Camlog, Bio Horizon


We are at the cutting edge of technology having invested in 3 Shape scanning facilities, a state-of-the-art milling system and in-house 3D printing. This technology gives us compatibility with your practice systems for both digital and traditional impressions as well as consistent results.


Nouveau Ceramics Dental Laboratory strives to provide an exceptional quality of service. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of people who are available to serve our clients effectively and efficiently. We pride ourselves on producing the finest products and solutions for our clients, furthermore, we set ourselves extremely high standards and refuse to compromise on quality.
We use only the best products on the market and are constantly researching new technologies and techniques to learn and subsequently educate. Our Laboratory front of house team is always on hand to answer any enquiries either in person or via email or phone. Hugely knowledgeable they can provide answers to virtually any information request received. We ensure we are consistently commercially viable, sustainable, competitive and remain at the leading edge of our industry, all the time working in an ethical, moral and environmentally friendly manner.


Our quality crown and bridge are manufactured by a highly experienced team. We offer a full range of cosmetic crown and bridge, from veneers to full mouth reconstructions. We constantly look for new materials and methods to make our work even better. The skill and dedication of our Crown & Bridge technicians, all with many years of experience, forms the basis of our product offering.
You can be assured of always receiving the highest quality restorations as we constantly review, evaluate and update new products, techniques and technology keeping us at the forefront of our industry.


Here at nouveau ceramics dental laboratory we engage ourselves with most dental implant systems. Our implant department select the finest quality implant with a blend of latest tech and experience. We normally prefer to use 3 shape scanner to achieve precise fit for implant components and abutments as we have amazing facilities to mill in house with the help of DWX52dci.
We deal with the like of Struamann,Noble biocare,Dentsply Sirona,Camlog,Bio horizan,Etc.


This is our largest growing area in the lab and with the introduction of so many new materials we can combine with our CAD/CAM technology to produce natural looking restorations that will give you the confidence to smile.
Top of the range materials like Emax, Celtra, Lava and Argen Zirconia not only give patient and Dentist complete satisfaction but reason to smile.


We have delivery vehicles which cover an approximate 35-mile radius daily delivering and collecting laboratory work free of charge 5 days a week without fail. Our drivers know the area well and have also developed great relationships with practice staff.
They always aim to be consistent on daily delivery and collections times. We also have relief drivers on call to ensure we never let our clients down.


In addition to our delivery & collection service we offer a national FREE postal service which includes services to the UK & Channel Islands. Click here to download a freepost label.
In addition to our delivery & collection service we offer a national FREE postal service which includes services to the UK & Channel Islands. Click here to download a freepost label.


Nouveau Ceramics uses latest CAD-CAM technology where we can receive intra-oral scan file from surgeon and proceed for designing with 3shape to milling from our latest DWX-52D milling machine. Proving a comfortable service to our clients to achieve best results.
Our lab structure is one that every case that comes into the lab is scanned and milled in house whether it is milled in wax, pmma, titanium, Emax, zirconia or hybrid materials.

METAL (we also offer Nickel free)

Our full metal crowns are available in various precious and non-precious alloys. These are our strongest restorations and are usually suited to out of the sight posterior crowns and bridges.
Available Alloys White non- precious (CoCr, Nickel free) White Semi-Precious (Ag-Pd) Yellow Gold Non- Precious Gold Precious (60% Au)